What Our Customers Say?

Attorney Liptak was charging less (and in some cases, much less) than the other bankruptcy attorneys I had called; yet his service was outstanding. He was so friendly and congenial. He really helped lift up my spirits. As my lawyer he was personally involved in every step of my case. When I called, I spoke with him and if I had to leave a message he got back to me fast. I had a friend who was using another bankruptcy lawyer. She was so stressed out just trying to get her attorney to call back. I knew that I had made the right decision to go with Attorney Liptak. –MW

I was very stressed and worried but he made me feel like a real person, with real needs and not someone to blame for my money problems. The bankruptcy made a lot of sense after I worked with him and the stress was relieved in no time. –RMR

Mr. Liptak was not the first bankruptcy lawyer I called. I had another telephone consultation and frankly did not feel like the bankruptcy attorney was concerned about me. I even felt like he was not listening, kind of aloof. Mr. Liptak was more like a teacher who really cared about my money problems personally and had solutions to deal with them. I felt good about my decision to file for bankruptcy and get a fresh start after speaking with him. –GDR

Atttorney Liptak was fair, honest, reasonable and dignified. He never made me wait. He answered all my questions clearly and in a way I could easily understand. He turned my huge problem into a small one. — KK

We had filed bankruptcy about a decade ago. We felt so bad that our family needed to do this again. It was not our fault—one of us lost our job and we were dependent on both incomes. Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Liptak treated us with care and understanding. He frankly was so much more involved than the other attorney who handled our first case. And the funny thing is that the cost was not much more than we paid 10 years ago and he gave us lots of time to pay it—with no interest charge. –GH and LH

Liptak Law Offices offered a flat fee for my case and a very reasonable payment plan. It took me a while to pay it off in small monthly payments, but Mr. Liptak spoke to my creditors and dealt with a lot of my problems even before I could file the bankruptcy. It was such a relief. He went with me to my hearing and I felt like I was supported in every way. –MH.

Attorney Liptak gave me a DO NOT and DO list in preparation for filing my bankruptcy. It had many items on it that seemed quite natural, like one has to list all one’s assets, income sources and creditors. Other things were a bit less obvious, like keep all your paystubs or don’t pay back family members the debts you owe them. But the one item that really surprised me was “DO NOT get married without talking to me.” Now that was curious as I was planning to get married. Well, he and I talked and it turned out that if I had gotten married before I filed the bankruptcy, which I was planning to do, I probably would not have qualified for a simple Chapter 7. I waited until the bankruptcy was completed. The entire process remained uncomplicated–and successful. Attorney Liptak had a way of not only pointing out such issues, but making it understood in simple terms.–AH

My life was financially in shambles when I reached out to Liptak Law Offices, my phone was ringing non-stop and everyday my mailbox was stuffed with letters from my creditors. I couldn’t sleep and my mind was never at ease; then when my wages started being garnished I knew at that moment that I needed help. It was during the weekend when I contacted Attorney Liptak, and I didn’t expect a reply until the following week, but Attorney Liptak promptly contacted me to discuss my case. From that moment on Attorney Liptak made what would be one of the toughest times I have ever had to go through completely painless. He was always very prompt and professional at all times, he made sure that I knew what to expect next and that I understood the process every step of the way. I will forever and always be grateful to Liptak Law Offices for giving what I haven’t had in years…..peace of mind. –T.R.

Thank you so much for your help with our bankruptcy! Initially, this was a scary step for us. We felt some shame and had lots of worries. But from the moment we stepped into your office we both felt calm, relaxed, and taken care of. You were personable, genuine, and caring in all of our interactions with you. We never felt pressured for time, and you made every step easy and clearly understood. We appreciate you taking the time to explain the benefits of bankruptcy, others’ perspectives on it and sharing your own personal experiences. All of this quickly helped us to realize that we were in the right place, and were making a positive decision for our future, as opposed to a negative one. Having gone through the whole process now, we feel extremely relieved and at ease. With this financial burden lifted, it’s allowed us to reset our career paths, and finally begin investing in, and following our professional and personal passions. We can’t thank you enough. We’d totally recommend you to family and friends! –GH & SH

We thank you so much for working with us–for your patience, your knowledge, and your help in what turned out to be a very complex, and long bankruptcy. We appreciate everything that you did and will recommend you without hesitation to any others that need an excellent bankruptcy attorney. We also appreciate the “after bankruptcy” information that you’ve sent to us and will follow your advice in checking our credit each year and also will read the book that you’ve recommended to us. We can only believe that you were sent to us by divine intervention as we didn’t know what we were going to do and spoke with a couple of attorneys, none of whom wanted to take our particular case due to the complexity. You didn’t shy away from it and courageously worked very hard for us.
May God bless you in whatever comes your way. –TM & MM