In Good Company–Don’t Feel Bad!

People facing financial difficulties generally feel guilty, embarrassed and somewhat isolated from the rest of the community. They are reluctant to file for bankruptcy because they are afraid they will be branded as failures and as irresponsible by the public. They do not realize that many people, including famous celebrities, have faced similar financial difficulties, and filed for bankruptcy to discharge their debts. You may feel hesitant, guilty or embarrassed when you consider bankruptcy.  It is not an easy choice and never the first choice. Yet many prominent, famous and “once rich” did it. Some became rich again after clearing out the old debt.  Here’s a sample list of famous people (and companies) who filed bankruptcy:

      H. Robbins
      America West Airlines
      Andy Gibbs
      Anita Bryant
      Bjorn Borg
      Bowie Kuhn
      Burt Reynolds
      Cindy Lauper
      Chef Geoffrey Zakarian
      David Crosby
      Debbie Reynolds
      Donald Trump
      Dorothy Dandridge
      Dorothy Hamill
      Eddie Fisher
      Faith Christian Family Church
      Francis Ford Coppola
      Frank Baum
      Gary Coleman
      Gaylord Perry
      George Jones
      George McGovern
      Harry and David (gift baskets)
      Henry Ford
      H.J. Heinz
      Isaac Hayes
      Jackie Maso
      James Whistler
      Jerry Lee Lewis
      John Connally
      Johnny Unitas
      KayBee Toys
      Kim Bassinger
      L. Frank Baum
      Larry King
      Latoya Jackson
      Lawrence Taylor
      Lenny Dykstra
      Leon Spinks
      Lorraine Bracco
      Los Angeles Dodgers
      Lynn Redgrave
      M.C. Hammer
      Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky
      Margot Kidman
      Mark Twain
      Marvin Gay
      Mathew Brady
      Melvin Belli
      Mickey Rooney
      Mike Tyson
      Milton Hershey
      Montgomery Ward
      National Enquirer newspaper
      Oscar Wilde
      P.T. Barnum
      Pan Am
      Pat Paulson
      Penn Central
      Peter Bogdonovitch
      Philadelphia Orchestra
      Randy Quaid
      Red Foxx
      Sherman Hemsley
      Tammy Wynette
      The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Davenport, Iowa, 2006.
      The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon , 2004
      Tom Petty
      Toni Braxton
      Walt Disney
      Wayne Newton
      Willie Nelson

Sports Figures:
Sports Illustrated, for example, estimated in 2009 that 78 percent of NFL players are bankrupt or facing serious financial stress within two years of ending their playing careers and that 60 percent of NBA players are broke within five years of retiring from the game

      Allen Iverson
      Antoine Walker
      Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario
      Bjorn Borg
      Bobby Orr
      Darren McCarty
      Dennis Rodman
      Denny McClain
      Deuce McCallister
      Dick Lane
      Evander Hollyfield
      John Daly
      Kenny Anderson
      Latrell Sprewell
      Lawrence Taylor
      Lenny Dykstra
      Leon Spinks
      Marion Jones
      Mark Brunell
      Michael Vick
      Mike Tyson
      Muhin Muhammad
      Rollie Fingers
      Scott Eyre
      Scottie Pippen
      Sheryl Swoopes
      Travis Henry
      Warren Sapp

and the list goes on…..