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We understand the problems related to debt and take the time to carefully explain issues and guide our clients.

Most people feel overwhelmed by their financial difficulties.  The weight of debt is a huge burden. The stress and strain affects all areas of life—work, personal relationships and eventually health.  But the law is there to help and we are here to assist you by using the law to your advantage.  There are a variety of compassionate and honorable solutions to debt problems.  Our goal is to make debt relief simple and, if necessary, to provide a fresh start–with self-respect and dignity.  Remember, “property is intended to serve life, and no matter how much we surround it with rights and respect, it has no personal being.  It is part of the earth man walks on. It is not man.”– Martin Luther King, Jr.   What counts most are the people involved and their well-being–not just financial but emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual.

Debt problems have many causes and happen to good people who have done everything right:

Sickness, accidents, job loss, divorce and loss of a loved one, to name a few. The bottom line is usually the result of many factors often beyond one’s control.  Also, the economy, much of the law and related regulations are actually geared to favor and assist creditors, often unfairly.  This is what is meant by the terms, “uneven or tilted playing field” or “rigged system”.  When people do everything reasonably, prudently and diligently with their income, they can still find themselves drowning in debt!  But even if one made some mistakes, there are legal and upright means to protect one’s rights, get relief and regain balance in life.  A new beginning is a great stress release–and a fortunate opportunity.  Plus it’s the law!

Liptak Law Offices is committed to helping you through your financial challenges.

We assist individuals, families and businesses throughout Iowa who are looking for solutions to debt problems, including where appropriate, getting a fresh start through bankruptcy. We practice in the area of Debtor and Creditor law and primarily in Bankruptcy. As your lawyer, Robert Liptak will personally handle and oversee your case from beginning to end. Our clients feel greatly supported, educated and even nurtured in the process–receiving a huge wave of stress relief and compassion during difficult circumstances and times. We invite you to browse our website and better yet, contact us for your free consultation–your first big step to a new beginning. Learn how bankruptcy is NOT what you were taught to fear and learn how to take charge of your debt….

“Bankruptcy has become deeply entrenched in American life. More adults will file for bankruptcy than will be diagnosed with cancer.  More people will file for bankruptcy than will graduate from college.  And, in an era when traditionalists decry the demise of the institution of marriage, Americans will file more petitions for bankruptcy than for divorce.” ~ Elizabeth Warren – United States Senator

If you are sacrificing your future life struggling to pay for your past debts, please call us for help. Attorney Liptak can help create a new future for you and your family.

Typical Areas We Can Help

Mortgage Arrears & Defaults

Debt collector harassment

Foreclosure & Sheriff’s Sales


Endless payday loan roll-over

Threat of vehicle repossession

Monetary actions & judgements

High credit card balances

Liens against property

Large medical bills

Debt collections

Delinquent taxes

We also help people who would greatly benefit with planning their statutory exemptions to protect assets from seizure by creditors, especially down the road–even for those who are not thinking about filing a bankruptcy petition.

Whatever the reason or the circumstances creating your debt look to the law to give you a direction and look to LIPTAK LAW OFFICES to clearly guide you through the law and gain relief.

Liptak Law Offices provides a free initial consultation (up to sixty minutes) that is private and confidential. We offer reasonable attorney’s fees and have interest free pre-filing payment plan available. Attorney Liptak will be the only person who works on your case (no-paralegals) so you receive expert personalized service.


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